The Glories of Rasa Purnima

Rasa Purnima

Embracing the Radiance: The Glories of Rasa Purnima


Rasa Purnima, also known as Sharad Purnima, is a celestial celebration that holds immense significance in Vaishnava tradition. Falling on the full moon night of the Vaishnava month of Ashwin (usually in October), Rasa Purnima is a joyous occasion that marks the divine dance of Lord Krishna with the Gopis (cowherd maidens) in the sacred land of Vrindavan. This auspicious night is not only a celestial spectacle but also a spiritual journey that encapsulates the essence of love, devotion, and the eternal connection between the divine and the devotee.

The Dance of Divine Love:

At the heart of Rasa Purnima is the enchanting dance of Lord Krishna with the Gopis, known as the Rasa Lila. According to Vaishnava mythology, on this divine night, Lord Krishna played his melodious flute in the moonlit groves of Vrindavan, captivating the hearts of the Gopis. Mesmerized by the divine music, the Gopis were drawn irresistibly towards Krishna, and together, they engaged in the celestial dance of love, the Rasa Lila.

The Rasa Lila is more than just a physical dance; it symbolizes the union of the individual soul (Jivatma) with the Supreme Soul (Paramatma). The Gopis represent the devotees, and their unwavering love for Krishna signifies the pure, selfless devotion that one should cultivate towards the divine. The Rasa Lila teaches devotees to surrender themselves completely to the divine, experiencing the blissful union that transcends the material world.

Significance and Lessons:

Rasa Purnima is not merely a celebration but a spiritual journey that imparts profound lessons. It teaches devotees the importance of unwavering love, selfless devotion, and surrender to the divine. The Rasa Lila is a metaphor for the eternal dance of life, where individuals seek union with the divine, overcoming the obstacles of the material world.


Rasa Purnima stands as a testament to the divine play of Lord Krishna and the timeless lessons it imparts. It is a celebration of love, devotion, and the eternal connection between the divine and the devotee. As devotees immerse themselves in the festivities, they are reminded of the transcendental nature of divine love, inspiring them to walk the path of righteousness and spiritual enlightenment. Rasa Purnima invites all to partake in the celestial dance of life, embracing the glories of devotion and the radiant light of the divine.

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