Speciality of Damodar Vrata

Damodar brata

Glories of Damodar Vrata

Damodar is a very auspicious month for devotees of Lord Krishna or Vishnu. It normally falls within the month of October and November. During this month devotees worship Lord Krishna’s pastime of being bound with ropes of Love by Mata Yasoda.

It is mentioned in scriptures that one who offers ghee lamps to Lord Damodara in this auspicious month and sings the Damodara Ashtakam (8 verses glorifying the Lord) will get rid of his past sins and develop bhakti (devotion) to Lord Damodara

Everyone, be it – man, women, young and old can offer the ghee lamps. Ghee lamp offerings can be made in the mornings or evenings.

Why we do Damodar Vrata?

Lord Krishna has many glorious names like Gopal, Madhava, Mukunda, Hrishikesa, etc. The name, Damodara, means one who is bound by the ropes of love. This happened when The Lord was tied with a rope (daama) around His waist (udara), denoting a divine pastime in which Krishna’s mother Yasoda bound Krishna for being mischievous.

Through his pure willingness to be finally bound by Mother  Yasoda, His divine mother, He becomes submissive to His mother’s love although in truth, no rope has the power to bind the Supreme Lord. It is this love that we hope to fill our hearts with, to bind Lord Krishna to us, eternally. This is beautifully illustrated in the Srimad Bhagavatam, which says, even though the Lord is greater than us in every single way, He is controlled and bound by the love of His pure devotee.

 What are the Puja Benefits? (Padma Purana, Uttara Khanda 112.3)

tasmad vrata tra yam hy etan mama tiva priyankaram
magha kartikayos tad vat tat hai vaikadasi vratam
van aspatinam tulasi masanam kartikah priyah
ekadasi tithi nam ca ksetranam dvaraka mama
ete sam sevanam yastu karoti ca jitendriyah
same vallabhatam yati na tat ha yajanadi bhih

Of all plants, the sacred Tulasi is most dear to Me, of all months, Kartika is most dear, of all places of pilgrimage, My beloved Dvaraka is most dear, and of all days, Ekadasi is most dear.One who offers a steady ghee lamp to Lord Hari during the month of Kartika enjoys pastimes in Lord Hari’s splendid spiritual world.

When one offers a lamp during the month of Kartik, his sins in many thousands and millions of birth perish in half an eye-blink.

How can I do it in  home?

Every day during this month we encourage everyone to offer ghee lamps to the picture/deity of Lord Damodar.

  • Only ghee must be used to burn the wick.
  • Reading or Lord Damodar’s pastime is very auspicious
  • Singing of simple bhajans or Damodar Astakam prayers is very auspicious
  • Do not re-cycle or re-use teh clay lamp, use fresh lamp and wick daily.

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