śrī śrī guru gaurāṅga jayataḥ

Kirtaniya sada hari


Spiritual initiation

Preceptor-disciple relationship has prevailed from time immemorial throughout India among all who professed the Vedic religion. The Sampradaya or universal association of all pure souls is brought about by the acceptance of the spiritual guidance of the Acharyas or Divine World-Teachers. Everyone who listens submissively to the name from the lips of the Acharya experiences the relationship of harmony with every entity in and through the service of Sri Krishna, the Lord of all lords.

Initiation (Diksha)

The process of Initiation into Vaishnavism in Gaudiya Mission is simple but the benchmark is rather high. This is because the rigours of entry alone grain from the chaff or the pure from the impure.

An aspiring ‘vaishnava’ first offers his salutations at the feet of the Acharya, the Gurudeva and expresses his with to be initiated. Gurudeva enjoins on him to observe several regulations with regard to include taking ……. Vegetarian food (onion and garlic too excluded), abjuring habits like gambling, playing. Chess or even taking part in games and spats which are perceived as causing diversion of the mind from the real goal and non-indulgence in illicit and intoxication.

After the lapse of six months during which a person prepares himself for initiation gurudeva puts him through a test. Du qualifying, a devotee is given the “Harinam” by Gurudeva and the devotee goes on telling the bead with the nama from that point of time. He is also given the holy books like Sri Chaitanya Bhagavatam and Dasmula Siksha by Nityaleela Prabishta Bhakti Vinod Thakur to help him travel further in the spiritual quest.