Srimad Bhagavat-Arka Marichimala is a collection of verses of Srimad Bhagwatam which are arranged on the basis of Sambandha, Abhidheya and Proyojana.

The relationship among the sentient living entity (cit), matter (acit) and God are known in the Vedas as Sambandha.
That śabda-śakti by which the natural meanings of words are easily conceived is called the abhidhā-śakti. For example, the words “ten elephants” easily convey a conception of elephants, ten in number. This easy-to-grasp meaning is known as Abhidheya.
The Prayojana is the goal, for which we have to adopt the process.
The book is written by Om Vishnupad Bhaktibinod Thakur.

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Srimad Bhagavat-Arka Marichimala

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