śrī śrī guru gaurāṅga jayataḥ

Kirtaniya sada hari


Old Age Home

This rehabilitation centre of this old-aged of the Society has been set up at GAUDIYA MISSION with an idea to take care of the old men and women who had given their best to the service of the family and the nation and later found themselves abandoned.

The setting up of this old age home meant to find a joyous life with fresh air and fresh food and a healthy ambience so that they may spend their final days of life in perfect happiness. They will have the feel of a family as some twenty seven members in the home will lead a collective life of sharing and caring. And being properly cooked after.

We are being able to give them a life of familial atmosphere in that area where they found an abode 27 members togetherly to share in their well and woes which is far way from a stinking atmosphere of flesh trading. They have found better living, a living with a touch of humanity from which they were bereaved from.

This is a capital project for old-aged persons that would include a regular attention to spiritual life for ‘atma-kalyan’ which would enhance and sustain their remaining life with honour. Old age home provides free accommodation including meal to economically weaker men and women who are of the age of sixty-five years or more.


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