śrī śrī guru gaurāṅga jayataḥ

Kirtaniya sada hari


Leprosy Asylum


Leprosy Hospital: Lepers are totally neglected by the society . To extend a nurturing help to them two leprosy centers at Orissa are being run. Hundreds of patients are provided with shelter, food and medicines at these centers.

We appeal to you to show compassion towards the suffering humanity. Rest assured your generosity would bring to you the mercy of the Supreme Lord.

1. Artashram (Laper Asylum),
     Sri Purusottam Math,
     Chatak Rarvat,
     P. O. Puri, Orissa.

2. Artashram (Laper Asylum),
    P. O. : Brahmagiri,
    Puri, Orissa.

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