śrī śrī guru gaurāṅga jayataḥ

Kirtaniya sada hari



Lord Krishna’s love for Cows

Lord Krishna is called Gopala, the protector of cows. Srila Rupa Goswamipad describes His transcendental Form as a cowherd, covered with the dust raised by the hooves of cows. All the nine lakh cows in His father’s cowshed received his personal attention and loving care. Thus, by his own example, Lord Krishna teaches the importance of caring for cows. He upholds these harmless and vulnerable animals as symbol of pure maternal love and hence their service. 


Mission’s contribution to cow welfare 

In the Goshalas (cowsheds) of the Mission, the cows are offered clean shelter are fed grass, fodder, vegetables, jaggery and prasadam of Lord Krishna. The shelters provide protection even during adverse conditions like heavy rains and floods. The cows live the entire duration of their lives peacefully. All their needs including general health and breeding are looked after with due care and affection. 

Special attention is given to the comfort of the cows in the hot summer months. The calves drink milk from their mothers till they are fit and strong. The well cared cows supply milk that is used in the service of deity and vaishnavas. They are always milked by hand. The Panca-gavya, five products of milk, yoghurt, ghee, cowdung and cow urine received from the cow are used in all ceremonies performed according to the Vedic traditions.


Sponsor Krishna’s cows and obtain His mercy! 

1. Gaudiya Mission Go-Shala
    Sri B. S. S. Gaudiya Math
    Sarupganj, Nadia, W. B.

2. Gaudiya Mission Go-Shala
    Sri Gaudiya Math
    Baghbazar, Kolkata 

3. Gaudiya Mission Go-Shala

    SriRupa Gaudiya Math
    77, Tularam Bagh, Allahabad, U.P. 

4. Gaudiya Mission Go-Shala

    Chatak Parvat, Gourdatsahi
    Puri, Orissa. 

5. Gaudiya Mission Go-Shala
    Motinagar, Lucknow
    Uttar Pradesh

6. Gaudiya Mission Go-Shala
    Sri Vyas Gaudiya Math
    Kurukshetra, Haryana 

7. Gaudiya Mission Go-Shala
    Sri Radhakunj Gaudiya Math
    Konoi Rd., Radhakunda, Mathura, U.P. 

8. Gaudiya Mission Go-Shala
    Chatak Parvat, Gourdatsahi
    Puri, Orissa.

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