śrī śrī guru gaurāṅga jayataḥ

Kirtaniya sada hari


Sri Gaudiya Math

Incharge: Sripad Bhakti Baivab Parjatak Maharaj
Ph : 07738317026,26591212 STD 022, 8369513163 (Dayal Krishna Das)
e-mail: [email protected]
Estd : 1934 by B. S. Saraswati Goswami Prabhupad

Gandhi Nagar, Bandra, ( East ) Mumbai Pin : 400051



In the year 1933 Srila Prabhupada reached Bombay , the capital city Maharashtra . He inaugurated a math near the Babulnath temple in a rented house on 26th of March. In the next year on 8 th July, the Math was shifted to Poster Road . The same day he delivered a Spiritual lecture at the Peoples' Jinnah Hall in front of a huge gathering. 

The Math was again shifted to a second rented house at Gwalior Tank Road in the year 1936. For the long 56 years Sri Gaur, Radha-Vaibabhananda jiu were worshipped at this math. Glorified be the year 1990, when the Ex- president of the Mission Srila Bhakti Srirup Bhagbat Maharaj on 27th of April laid the foundation stone of Sri Gaudiya Math at Bandra East. 

A gorgeous temple was immediately built and on 10th of November, 1992 on the auspicious day of Raspurnima it was inaugurated by the Divine lotus hands of Nityalila Prabistha Om Vishnupada Paramhansa Sri Bhakti Srirup Bhagbat Goswami Maharaj, completing the last wishes of his Guru(Srila Prabhupada) and the same deities entered the new temple. 

This temple has got significance to be the last Temple built and inaugurated by Srila Bhakti Srirup Bhagbat Maharaj alias Srila Acharyapada.

Sri Gaudiya Math