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Upliftment of the Spiritual Concept - Gaudiya Mission is for You | Gaudiyamission

Upliftment of the Spiritual Concept - Gaudiya Mission is for You

Posted on: May 17, 2017 Posted By: Gaudiya Mission

We are always going through intoxication in our life. Running after the worldly pleasure is our main aim. These worldly pleasures are diverting our main objective of taking the human life. Human life is the ultimate birth phase that is only for the worship of the Creator. But the pleasures are diverting the main objective. To bring back the consciousness of the human, missionary organizations are spreading out. Such is a mission is the Gaudiya mission. It aims at spreading the name of Hare Krishna in the entire world. Devotion through practice is their main teaching. Lord Maha Prabhu is Lord whose teaching is being spread all over the world.

Gaudiya Mission is spreading the Krishna mantra

Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is being believed as the son of god. He came to our earth to save the people from various evil impacts. Various messages were being spread by them for pure devotion. Followers of the Lord are being recognized as the Vaishnavism. From that early period still now the descendants of the followers are carrying forward the teaching. In present times, the followers have formed a missionary organization. This is a charitable organization which is by the side of the people at great needs. Not only in needs but they are helping the community to develop a pure thinking.

Charitable tasks for the societies

Energetic preachers of such mission has spreaded all over the country of India. They are preaching with great devotion. This devotion is being encouraged through practices and good works for the society. Being a charitable organization, it has been helping various children from different society levels to come forward. Providing foods to the hungers, providing clothes to the poor, supporting health check-ups and other charitable works are being arranged by them. Consistent people from the society are also encouraged to participate in such tasks. Charitable donation to Gaudiya Mission can be made by anyone.

The donations that are being made to the mission are totally legal. They are registered under the particular society registration act. It has been in its existence since March 1940. So the donations that are being made through the mission are registered and legal. Anyone can participate in society development tasks with the mission. Various programmes are also being arranged for the followers and the lovers of Krishna on the teachings. A spiritual upliftment is the main objective of the Gaudiya mission, helping humanity to reach a new level. They help in finding a way to the true universal love for life.

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