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Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math Preaching The Mahaprabhu Teachings

Posted on: July 27, 2016 Posted By: Gaudiya Mission

The teachings of chaitainya mahaprabhu are identical with those of Krishna in Bhagavad-gita, as Since He is Krishna Himself. His lone composed work is His Shikshastaka, or "Eight Instructions," a brief course in accomplishing otherworldly flawlessness. These teachings and the way to live a life according to these teachings are shown to common man by sree chaitanya gaudiya math.

Sri Chaitanya's pupils systematized His talked teachings to them in their books. With overflowing references to the Vedic sacred texts, these books set up the matchless quality of Bhakti. Sri Chaitanya's teachings spread three fundamental subjects:

1. Knowledge of the spirit's association with Krishna
2. The strategy for arousing that relationship

3. The stirred condition of that relationship (unadulterated adoration for God)

Sri Chaitanya likewise contributed monstrously to religious philosophy by showing that God is all the while indistinguishable to and not quite the same as His energies, including the material world and us limited souls. Great pain is taken by sree chaitanya gaudiya math to make common people know the about the teachings. They organize various seminars and conduct various ongoing projects to show people the real way of life.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has abandoned one composed record in Sanskrit called Siksastakam. Chaitanya's epistemological, religious and ontological teachings are outlined as ten roots or proverbs called dasa mula. The announcements of amnaya, the scared writing are the central verification. By these announcements the accompanying ten points are taught.

1. Krishna is the Supreme Absolute Truth.

2. Krishna is supplied with all energies.

3. Krishna is the sea of rasa,   philosophy.

4. The jivas or singular souls are all isolated parts of the Lord.

5. In bound express the jivas are affected by matter, due to their tatastha nature.

6. In the freed state the jivas are free from the impact of matter, due to their tatastha nature.

7. The jivas and the material world are both unique in relation to and indistinguishable to the Lord.

8. Pure commitment is the act of the jivas.

9. Pure affection for Krishna is a definitive objective.

10. Krishna is the main adorable gift to be gotten.

The mission and vision of sree chaitanya gaudiya math is to make the teachings of chaitainya mahaprabhu prevalent to the modern world. They have maths at various places all over the world teaching and preaching the way to live a life according to teachings of chaitainya mahaprabhu.

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