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How Can The Gaudiya Math Change Your Outlook Towards Society | Gaudiyamission

How Can The Gaudiya Math Change Your Outlook Towards Society

Posted on: October 1, 2020 Posted By: Admin

It is with old age we Indians tend to turn a bit religious and it is a nice change. Your responsibilities towards the children are now over and it is time to devote old age towards spiritual activities. Are you a devotee of Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu? This 15th-century saint till date has plenty of followers and you would perhaps love to spend the old age idolizing this great saint. It gives you peace of mind to forget worldly concerns and embrace spiritual thoughts.

Where do you come across such an Atmosphere?
The need of the hour is to locate a place, where you can engage in spiritual discussion about this great saint. We would like to point at plenty of math establishments set up by his followers all around the world. Are you someone who resides in the city of joy Kolkata? If so we would encourage you to associate with the Gaudiya mission Bagbazar Kolkata.

The Precise Location of this Math:
As someone well versed with the Kolkata localities you are perhaps aware that Bagbazar is located on the metro route. It is a prominent part of the old city and travel to this spot from the Kolkata suburbs should be easy. The precise location of this math is 16/A, Kaliprasad Chakraborty Street. P.O.: Baghbazar. Kolkata - 700003 and it is a walking distance from the Bagbazar metro station.

A Peek into the History of this Math:
This precise Gaudiya math in Bagbazar was established in 1930 and the founding member is Srila B. S. Saraswati Goswami Prabhupad. He had initially opened math in Mayapur but also desired to have a presence in Kolkata the capital city. It was with the financial backing of Sri Jagabandhu Dutta from Barisal in present-day Bangladesh that he founded this math in Bagbazar.

Let me offer some more updates on this Math.

  1. A long time has passed since it was founded and currently, this math operates under the guidance of Bhakti Nishtha Madhusudan Maharaj.
  2. The math also offers accommodation facilities and this should pave way for Chaitanya Mahaprabhu devotees from other parts of India to spend a few days here.
  3. There is scope to contact via phone and email. You could call up at this number (033) 2554-4155 or you can leave an email at this following ID [email protected]

What will you get here?
It is here that one can engage in spiritual discussions about this great saint. The monks associated with such math establishments surely know a lot more about you than Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. It is here that you also get the best Chaitanya Mahaprabhu books. You can read them from the library and even purchase them.

Let me offer some insight into the best books

  1. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Life And Percepts: This book is priced at 40/- and it gives a comprehensive insight into the life of the saint.
  2. The World Peace and Philosophy of Sreemon Mahaprabhu: This book is priced only at 10/- and you get a deep insight into the spiritual teachings of the great saint.
  3. Acharyas of Gaudiya Mission: This book gives us deep insights into the life of various acharyas who have devoted their time to this great saint. The price tag of this masterpiece is 150/- 


These are just some of the Gaudiya Math books, which we have taken mention of and it is a long list. We would also like to state that these books are sold online and you could always make a purchase from any location.

One can also Contribute to Society: 
All Gaudiya Math branches including Bagbazar run various social welfare activities. They run relief vans, which distribute food, clothing to the poor. It is via making a monetary contribution; you get to do something for society.

One can say that such math institutions dedicated to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu help you to develop more as a spiritual person and also remind you of the responsibilities towards society. You are sure to be a changed person after associating with this organization.

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