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Giriraj Govardhan Parikrama on Guru Purnima

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The tradition of Giriraj Parikrama on the day of Guru Purnima began in 1558 with the disappearance of Shrila Sanatan Goswami Pada. On that day his disciples shaved their heads and became muriya. Henceforth the day is also celebrated as Muriya Puno in Vraja. Muriya Puno literally means the full moon when everybody shaves.

Shrila Sanatan Goswami Pada established the temple of Old Madan Mohan and handed over the service of Madan Mohan to his disciple Shri Krishna Das Brahmachari. He thereafter left for Govardhan permanently to devote his time in Bhajan. Even during his old age, he used to perform Govardhan Parikrama Daily.

On a certain day, after he returned to is bhajan kutir post Parikrama Sri Krishna appeared to Sanatan Goswami.  Sri Krishna asked Sanatan Goswami that there is no need for him to do his parikrama every day as he has become old and is unable t do it properly.

Sanatan Goswami had taken a vow to not stop his daily parikrama ever and he conveyed that to Sri Krishna. Impressed by his determination, Sri Krishna stood on a large Govardhan Shila and started playing his flute. A calf got enchanted by the music, came inside and began to dance. The sweet melody of Krishna’s flute made the stone melt and Krishna’s footprint got imprinted on it along with calf’s foot print and impression of Sri Krishna’s cowherd stick.

Krishna gifted this Shila to Shri Sanatan Goswami and told him that if he performed parikrama around the Shila four times it would be similar to performing Parikrama of the Govardhana Hill.  Shri Sanatan Goswami accepted it and since then he would worship the Shila and perform Parikrama around it.

All the vaishnavaites went into deep grief and despair when Shrila Sanatan Goswami entered Lord’s eternal pastimes in the year 1615 Samvat Ashadh Purnima. The vraja-vasis and Vaishnavaites in Vrindavan took his body on Govardhan Parikrama.  His body was put in Samadhi thereafter in Vrindavan.

Even till this day the Vaishnava devotees perform Govardhan Parikrama commemorating the devotion of the Acharya who was among the Six Goswamis.

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