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Gaudiya Mission And Teachings of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Posted on: September 8, 2016 Posted By: Gaudiya Mission

There is no contrast between the lessons of Lord Chaitanya exhibited here and the lessons of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. The teachings of chaitanya mahaprabhu are functional exhibit of the educating of Lord Krishna.

The teachings

In the Bhagavad Gita the last expression of the Lord is that everybody ought to surrender unto Him, Lord Krishna, and that He will take quick charge of such a surrendered soul. The Lord, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is as of now accountable for the support of this creation by prudence of His whole development, Kashirodakshaya Vishnu. Be that as it may, such support by the Lord is not particular. Whenever, in this way, the Lord assumes responsibility, it implies that He takes direct charge of an immaculate aficionado. An immaculate fan is a spirit ever surrendered to the Lord, similar to a youngster to his folks or a creature to its lord. This surrendering procedure as by teachings of chaitanya mahaprabhu and practiced by Gaudiya Mission is shown in six distinct stages, to be specific:

(1) to acknowledge things great for releasing reverential administration,
(2) to reject things unfavorable,
(3) to accept immovably in the Lord's insurance,
(4) to feel only subject to the benevolence of the Lord,
(5) to have no interest separate from the enthusiasm of the Lord, and
(6) dependably feel oneself compliant and humble.

In this way, Lord Krishna requested that one surrender unto Him through the previously mentioned six periods of the surrendering procedure; yet the less wise class of men thus called researchers of the world misconstrued these requests of the Lord, and consequently confused the general mass of individuals to reject them.

The presence of evils and love towards Krishna

Be that as it may, supposed academic evil presences deceive the mass of individuals, guiding them not to surrender like that to the Personality of Godhead, yet rather to the generic, non-showed, endless, unborn truth. The Mayavadi (impersonalist) rationalists don't acknowledge that the last word in the matter of comprehension the Absolute Truth is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. On the off chance that one cravings to comprehend the Sun as he seems to be, one confronts as a matter of first importance the daylight, and after that the sun globe and finally in the event that one can go into that globe, there is the likelihood of seeing up close and personal the prevailing god of the sun. The Mayavadi savants, because of a poor asset of learning, can't go past the Brahman luminosity, which resemble the daylight. The Upanishads affirm that one needs to enter the stunning luster of Brahman, and after that one can see the genuine face of the Personality of Godhead. The teachings of chaitanya mahaprabhu in this way instructs straightforwardly that one needs to love Lord Krishna, Who showed up as the foster offspring of the King of Vraja.

The importance of Vrindaban

He likewise suggests that the spot referred to as Vrindaban is comparable to Lord Krishna since, Lord Krishna being the Absolute Truth, the Personality of Godhead, there is no distinction between His name, quality, structure, distractions, escort and gear. Lord Chaitanya likewise suggested that the method of venerating the Lord in the most elevated perfection stage is the strategy for love brought about by the maids of Vraja. The maids of Vraja, the Gopis, essentially cherished Krishna, with no rationale in material or otherworldly pick up. He additionally suggested that Srimad Bhagwatam is the spotless portrayal of supernatural information and that the most elevated increase in the human type of life is to create unalloyed affection for Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
To reach Samadhi

The teachings of chaitanya mahaprabhu are precisely the same as those given by Lord Kapila, the first propounder of sankhya-yoga, or the sankhya arrangement of rationality. This approved arrangement of yoga is drilled on the standard of reflection on the supernatural type of the Lord. There is no thinking about something void or generic. When one is drilled to ruminating upon the supernatural type of Lord Vishnu, even without the sitting stance in a specific spot and environment, that stage is called flawless samadhi. This impeccable samadhi of sankhya-yoga is affirmed in the Bhagavad Gita toward the end of the Sixth Chapter, where the Lord says that of the considerable number of yogis, one who continually thinks about the Lord inside the center of his heart with affection and commitment is the best.

Teaching of Yoga

Lord Chaitanya taught this sankhya-yoga, or arrangement of logic – called achintyabhedabheda-tattva, (at the same time one and diverse) – most for all intents and purposes for everybody among the mass of individuals, essentially droning the blessed name of the Lord. He says that the blessed name of the Lord is the sound vibration type of the Lord. The Lord being the Absolute Whole, there is no distinction between His heavenly name and His supernatural structure. Along these lines, by droning the blessed name of the Lord, one can specifically take up with the Supreme Lord by sound vibration. This sound vibration of the Lord has three phases of advancement, in particular: (1) hostile stage, (2) clearing stage, and (3) supernatural stage. In the hostile stage one may want a wide range of material bliss or trouble as one acts, yet in the second phase of droning, one gets to be cleared from all material defilement. In any case, when one is arranged on the supernatural stage, one accomplishes the most covetable flawlessness, the phase of cherishing God. Lord Chaitanya suggested this is the most elevated phase of flawlessness for the individual.

Why Yoga to be performed

Yoga practice is basically implied for controlling the faculties. Psyche is the focal controlling element of all detects; and in this way one needs to practice first controlling the brain by drawing in the psyche in the matter of Krishna cognizance. The gross exercises of the brain are communicated through the outside faculties, either to acquire learning or working under the will, and the inconspicuous exercises of the psyche are considering, feeling, and willing. As indicated by the distinctive dispositions of cognizance, this awareness is either dirtied or clear. In the event that the brain is repaired in Krishna (His name, quality, structure, hobbies, company, and gear), then the entire of the exercises, unobtrusive and gross, is changed positively. The Bhagavad Gita's procedure of decontaminating cognizance is to alter the psyche on Krishna – to discuss His supernatural exercises, to purify the sanctuary of the Lord, to stroll to the sanctuary of the Lord, to see the excellent supernatural type of the Lord pleasantly designed, to hear His supernatural glories, to taste foodstuffs offered to the Lord, to notice the blossoms and tulasi leaves offered to the Lord, to take up with the Lord's aficionados, to draw in oneself in the exercises for the enthusiasm of the Lord, and to end up irate additionally at the individuals who are jealous of the lovers. Nobody can stop the exercises of the brain or the faculties, yet one can clean such exercises by changing the record. This change of record is prescribed in the Bhagavad Gita. Likewise, the mighty restriction of the sense exercises, by taking after the eight standards of yoga practice, is prescribed for a mediocre class of men; yet the predominant class of men, being occupied with the better exercises of Krishna cognizance; actually resign from the substandard exercises of material presence.

The knowledge of Krishna awareness

The teachings of chaitanya mahaprabhu as preached by Gaudiya Mission along these lines show us the study of Krishna awareness, which is total. Dry mental theorists attempt to limit themselves from material connection, yet it is for the most part found that the brain being too solid to be in any way controlled here and there drags such examiners down in the matter of arousing exercises; yet there is no such risk for people in Krishna awareness. In this manner, one needs to connect with one personality and faculties in Krishna cognizant exercises, and how this is for all intents and purposes conceivable is educated by the Lord, Sri Krishna Chaitanya.  

Prior to His acknowledgment of the sannyasa, Lord Chaitanya was known as Viswambhara. Viswambhara implies the person who keeps up the entire universe as pioneer of all living substances. The extremely same maintainer and pioneer of all living substances showed up as Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya to give us the brilliant lessons of life, and was the perfect instructor of the prime necessities of life. He is the most considerate supplier of the affection for Krishna. He is the finished supply of all kindness and favorability. In spite of the fact that He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna, as is affirmed in the Srimad Bhagwatam, Bhagavad Gita, Maha-Bharata and the Upanishads, He showed up as worshiped by everybody in this period of contradiction.

Sankirtan Movement

Everybody can participate in His Sankirtan development with no past capability, and everybody can turn into the absolute best individual by taking after His lessons. In the event that anybody is sufficiently blessed to be pulled in by every one of His components of appearance, one is certain to be effective in the mission of one's life. In single word, the individuals who are occupied with being arranged in profound presence can without much of a stretch get mitigated from the grip of maya by the beauty of Lord Chaitanya, now displayed in the book type of Teachings of Lord Chaitanya, non-unique in relation to the Lord. The molded soul, being immersed in the material body, expands the pages of history of a wide range of material exercises. In any case, the teachings of chaitanya mahaprabhu can help the human culture to stop such superfluous and impermanent exercises, and can hoist one to the highest stage of otherworldly exercises, which start after freedom from material servitude. Such freed exercises in Krishna awareness are the objective of human flawlessness. The bogus renown of securing lordship over the material nature is deception just, and one can get lighting up information from the Teachings of Lord Chaitanya, keeping in mind the end goal to progress in one's profound presence.

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