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Extensive Festival Of Shri Shrikrishna's 'Chandan Yatra' | Gaudiyamission

Extensive Festival Of Shri Shrikrishna's 'Chandan Yatra'

Posted on: April 19, 2017 Posted By: Gaudiya Mission

In vaishnava philosophy there is a history about the Chandan Yatra. Once upon a time when Madhab Puri came at Brindaban Dham he was indulged in loving-devotion of Lord Krishna without any sence of day and night. One night he got a devine command that the presence of Lord Sri Krishna was under a grove and he felt insuffocative inconvenience. Next day Madhab Puri dug that grove and uplifted Sri Gopal Deb and installation of Sri Gopal Deb in a temple had been done by him. Then he commenced the washing ceremony of Sri Gopal Deb. Annakut festival also be done. One day Sri Madhab Puri got a devine command again from Lord Sri Krishna that if Madhab Puri will bring sandal-paste and camphor from Nilachal for Sri Gopal Deb and to smear with it, his warmth of body will be reduced. Then Madhab Puri started his journey through Nabadwip to Odisha. While he appeared in Odisha to see the idol of Sri Gopinath, Madhab Puri cried out singing devotional songs. Then he smeared the sandal-paste and camphor in the body of Sri Gopinath by devine command. There are many differences of opinion about this verdict. After that at lunar-day (tithi) of Akhshay Tritia the Chandan Yatra is commence. The synonym of Chandan Yatra is "Gandhalepon Yatra".

             This festival also celebrates in the temple of Sri Jagannath Dev and in Remuna which is located in nearest location from ancient Vaishnava Tirtha in Orissa. In Vaishnava philosophy there are two types of "Chandan Yatra". One is Bahiryatra (first 21 days) and Antaryatra (last 21 days). Total allocated time of "Chandan Yatra" is 42 days. The pond named Sri Narendra Sarobor is called "Chandan Pukur". During the festival (from the day of Akhay Tritia to Shukla Oshtomi Tithi of bengali month Jaishthya) Sri Madanmohon Dev is taken to ascend by flight and to descend from flight at the bank of Sri Narendra Sarobor. Then Sri Madanmohon Dev takes a pleasure-trip (noukabilas) with Lord Sri Lokenath-Mahadev. There is a rumour that three hundred years ago Sri Gobinda Dev was installed at Raypur (nearest location from Tucky) by Bangadhipa Pratapaditya. During the festival, the road from the Lord's shrine till Narendra Sarobar (a sacred tank in Puri town) is decorated very beautifully. Arches or big torans are erected in front of monasteries and at cross-roads, as the idols take casual rest here and receive offerings. Devotees take decorated representative images of Lord Jagannath, Laxmi and Saraswati to the Narendra Sarobar at night in richly decorated palanquins. They are accompanied by priests, musicians and dancers. A number of devotees wait for the arrival of the Lord. Upon arrival, the idols are placed on the decorated boats. These boats are rowed then for a long time by the sevakas. Temple dancers dance and sing on the boat during the rowing. The boats are generally red and white in color and are so designed that they resemble huge swans floating on water. The most peculiar thing about this ceremony is that Sri Madanmohan Dev with Laxmi and Saraswati rides on the white colored raft where-as Ramakrishna with pancha Shivas rides the red one. The deities continue taking boat rides till early morning and then retire to their respective shrines. This procedure is followed during the entire festival. "Bhauri" is the last day of the festival. Special arrangements are made for this.

            Due to with obedience of the present Acharya and President of Gaudiya Mission Om Vishnupad Paramhansa 108 Srisrimadbhakti Suhrid Paribrajak Maharaj and with service initiative of all members of the Mission, it has  been decided to organise a 21-day "CHANDAN YATRA" from 29th April (Saturday) to 19th May 2017 (Friday) at Baghbazar Gaudiya Math. On this occasion everyday Lord Srikrishna will be painted by sandal-paste, worship of lunar-day (tithi-puja) with flowers and garlands, reading of Srimad Bhagabat and Sri Hari sonkirtan (coral) associated with devotees will be happen. During this festival Srimad Bhagavata is read by the secretary of the mission Vaktisundar sanyasi Maharaj, assistant-secretary Vaktipromod Puri Maharaj and deputy secretay Vaktinishtha Nyasi Maharaj.


  • 29th April – Akshaytritia, Commencement of Lord Shikrishna’s "Chandan Yatra".
  • 6th May – Fasting of Mohini akadoshi.
  • 9th May – Fasting of Sri Sri Nrisingha choturdoshi. and in evening the initiation of holy appearances of Sri Sri Nrisinghadeb.
  • 10th May – The day of Madhabi Purnima and alongwith the day of Sri Sri Radha raman jubilee. Festival of pushpodol and waterly pleasure trip of Sri Sri Krishna.
  • 18th May – Lord Sri Jagannathdeb’s festival.
  • 19th May – Completion day of Lord Sri Krishna’s "Chandan Yatra” festival.



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