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Benapole (Importance in Vaishnav Philosophy) | Gaudiyamission

Benapole (Importance in Vaishnav Philosophy)

Posted on: October 28, 2017 Posted By: Gaudiya Mission

Benapole is situated in Jessore District of Bangladesh. On the Bangladesh-India land border, Benapole is the most important checkpost of Bangladesh. It is after Bongram station in Khulna train line. This Benapole has some historical and Vaishnab religious importance.

Sri Haridas Thakur Prayed three lakhs names everyday in this holy place. He trieved a harlot by giving her the name of Hari who tried to amissed him by the intrigue of Shaktobor Ramchandra Khan. A hillock is here as a attestor of holy presence of Sri Haridas Thakur. This place is called as “HIRA BESHYAR JUNGLE”. Benapole is also a birthplace of Ramchandra Khan.

The Petrapole Customs station of India is situated across the border and since 1971, a large number of people have travelled between Bangladesh and India through Benapole Customs station. This check-post is operated by the Bangladesh Land Port Authority (BLPA). Geographically Benapole is a major strategical point for border trading between India and Bangladesh owing its proximity to Kolkata. According to Land Port Authority, approximately 90 percent of the total imported items from India come through Benapole.

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