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Holy Door Opening Ceremony of the new Constructed Temple at SriPurushottom Math in Nilachaldham

Posted on: June 14, 2017 Posted By: Gaudiya Mission

Due to with obedience of the Present Acharya and president of Gaudiya Mission Om Vishnupad Paramhansa 108 Sri Srimadbhakti Suhrid Paribrajak Maharaj and with service initiative of all members of the mission, it has been decided to organize a 2-day long holy door opening ceremony and holy entrance ceremony of the new constructed temple at SriPurushottom Math in SriNilachaldham with Srimadbhagabat Path, Bhagabat congregation and Sankirtan from 22nd June 2017 (Thursday) to 23rd June 2017 (Friday) to celebrate the centenary celebration of Gaudiya Math and Mission.

This magnanimous festival will be celebrated in another branch, SriPurushottom Math situated in Puridham of Sri Bagbazar Gaudiya Math established by Jagathguru Nityalila Prabishta Om Bishnupad Paramhansa 108 SriSrimadbhakti Sidhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupad. The holy door opening ceremony of newly constructed temple of SriPurushottom Math and holy entrance festival of SriSriGourgadadhar Binode Madhab Jiu will celebrate with grandeur and sublimity. On 22nd June (Thursday) Mangal Adhibas Sankirtan and at 5 p.m. onwards a magnanimous Bhagabat congregation will be held. On 23rd June (Friday) at 6 a.m. Nagar Sankirtan rally will takes place, the holy entrance festival of SriSriGourgadadhar Binode Madhhab Jiu, Bhograg, subjugation will happen. All the devotees are requested to present in these holy ceremony of two days.

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