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Gaudiya Mission Medical Camp 2019. Trying to Make a Better Life for People.

Posted on: May 15, 2019 Posted By: Admin

There is no greater religion than humanity. Taking care of people selflessly and relentlessly is the highest form of worship. When you change people’s lives for the better and make a difference, only then you are truly on the path to spirituality. It is said that God resides in every human being. Therefore, it is our duty to serve people and do whatever we can to improve their life.

Gaudiya Mission, an ancient missionary organization which propagandizes the message of Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, believes in making the world a better place by making people’s lives better. We work towards providing quality healthcare and education to the underprivileged section of the society. With the charitable donations from the people, we look after the overall development of the people who are impoverished. We provide food and medical services to help the underprivileged people especially orphans.

One of our main charitable initiatives includes organizing medical camps. Over the years, Gaudiya Mission has organized several medical camps across West Bengal and abroad every month. Mobile distribution of medicine and free medical aid camp is one such special initiative of Gaudiya Mission. Donations from our donation camps also support many charitable hospitals and dispensaries.

Our Medicals Camp 2019 started off with 2 medical camps.

  1. Sangra Nimnobunidy Vidyalaya, Chotosangra

First medical camp happened on 23rd January 2019. Gaudiya Mission arranged a free medical camp at Sangra Nimnobunidy Vidyalaya, Chotosangra, PS: Saithia, Birbhum. Renowned doctors of Kolkata Dr. Pradip Roy and Dr. Mahadeb Mondal were there for consultation. They treated over 100 people in that medical camp which included poor and distressed people. We also distributed medicines among patients.

  1. Sri Srimadbhakti Sidhanta Saraswati Gaudiya Math

Our second medical camp took place from 16th March 2019 to 20th March 2019 in Sri Srimadbhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Gaudiya Math, Swarupganj, Nadia. Dr. Mahadeb Mondal was there to treat people. Approximately 1500 people came to the medical camp. Along with medical services we also provided people with free medicines. 

Our Medical Camp 2019 so far has been very successful. The medicals camps were well organized and we have provided the people with quality healthcare. This holy work would not have been possible without the cooperation of the local villagers who were very supportive. Sri Sudam Das Bhramhachari from mission worked diligently to make Our Medical Camp 2019 a success. Under the leadership of Mission’s president Tridandi Swami Sripad Bhakti Sundar Sanyasi Maharaj, our medical camp 2019 has reached out to many people belonging to the underprivileged section of the society. Through these initiatives, we aim to uplift the living condition of the people by providing them with medical aids. Gaudiya Mission has planned more medical camps for the year 2019 where people will be treated and will be provided with free medicines.

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