śrī śrī guru gaurāṅga jayataḥ

Kirtaniya sada hari


The fundamental objective of Parikrama is to spread the philosophy of Gaudiya Vaishnavism ( the only way to Peace and Harmony)throughout the world and in practicing and propagating the gospel of the divine love as advocated by the revealed vedic authorities, Upanisads, Bhagavatam, Gita and other Scriptures and propagated by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The Mission is constantly trying to revive in the minds of the sincere souls the eternal spirit of the pure devotion to and for Supreme Lord Sri Krishna by scrutinizing and propagating the study of the pure devotion, its philosophy, doctrines, rituals with the vision to obtain universal harmony and brotherhood. There are different rituals and many places included in their Parikrama schedule as DWARIKA PARIKRAMA, NABADWIP PARIKRAMA, BRINDABAN PARIKRAMA, SRI SRI PURI DHAM PARIKRAMA, RACHI PARIKRAMA, RATH YATRA PARIKRAMA, GOURMONDOL PARIKRAMA etc.


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