śrī śrī guru gaurāṅga jayataḥ

Kirtaniya sada hari


In vaishnava philosophy there is a history about the Chandan Yatra. Once upon a time when Madhab Puri came at Brindaban Dham he was indulged in loving-devotion of Lord Krishna without any sence of day and night. One night he got a devine command that the presence of Lord Sri Krishna was under a grove and he felt insuffocative inconvenience. Next day Madhab Puri dug that grove and uplifted Sri Gopal Deb and installation of Sri Gopal Deb in a temple had been done by him. Then he commenced the washing ceremony of Sri Gopal Deb. Annakut festival also be done. One day Sri Madhab Puri got a devine command again from Lord Sri Krishna that if Madhab Puri will bring sandal-paste and camphor from Nilachal for Sri Gopal Deb and to smear with it, his warmth of body will be reduced. Then Madhab Puri started his journey through Nabadwip to Odisha. While he appeared in Odisha to see the idol of Sri Gopinath, Madhab Puri cried out singing devotional songs. Then he smeared the sandal-paste and camphor in the body of Sri Gopinath by devine command. There are many differences of opinion about this verdict. After that at lunar-day (tithi) of Akhshay Tritia the Chandan Yatra is commence. The synonyms of Chandan Yatra is "Gandhalepon Yatra"


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