All Glory To Sri Sri Guru & Gauranga

Kirtaniya sada hari

Gaudiya Mission, Bagbazar is a traditional old mission. This mission distributed food, clothing and medicines to distressed people affected by natural disaster. This distribution is longer running for many years. Last 29th July 2018 (Sunday) this mission arranged a free medical camp at Nachangacha Primary School, Keyatala, Baruipur South 24 Pgs. There approximately 145 persons to be treated medically including poor and distressed people. The renowned doctor of Kolkata named Dr. P.R. Roy and Dr. Sri Mahadeb Mondal treated them medically. Mission distributed free medicines among all ailing people. Sri Sudam Das Bhramhachari and Sri Khokon Sardar from mission and students of Sri Sri Chaitanya Yubagoshthi were specially co-operated with this holy work. Apart from them local villagers also co-operated. With the leadership of Mission’s secretary Tridandi Swami Sripad Bhaktisundar sanyasi Maharaj, all work has been successfully completed.

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