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Sri Krishna Janmastami Festival Gaudiya Mission 2016

Posted on: July 29, 2016 Posted By: Gaudiya Mission

Lord Krishna’s birthday is a day of great significance in the Hindu festival calendar. Popularly known as Janmastami, this day is celebrated with great pomp and fervor all across India. For the monks and devotees at the Gaudiya Mission, this day is a very special day. On each day of every year about 10 to 15 thousands of devotees are attending our Janmastami Programe which includes –­­­­­­­­ Nagar Sankirtan, Dharma Sabha, songs and cultural program. Apart from this several thousand of common people irrespective of caste and classes are visiting at the Mission on those days and getting prasadam.

The day begins early at the temple The Lord, His beloved and His faithful Avatar are decked in festive splendor. The monks and devotees too are dressed to befit the occasion. Amidst loud chants of the Holy Lord’s name, the dancing choir gets ready to regale their Master.

At the Gaudiya Mission, Lord Krishna is worshipped as the Eternal Source of the universe. Here the only true purpose of life is to attain his boundless love. This is possible only through unalloyed devotion and selfless service to the Lord.

Under the auspicious guidance of Om Vishnupad Paramhansha 108 Sri Srimad Bhakti Suhrid Paribrajak Goswami Maharaj, the present President of Gaudiya Mission and the Working Committee of Gaudiya Mission in accordance with the Akhil Lokmangal yearly Sri Hari Saran Mahatsab, the auspicious birth anniversary of Lord Krishna and his associates will be organized at The Gaudiya Mission Building at Baghbazar. The festival will be month long occasion according to the schedule Program. The auspicious occasion will start from 29th Sraban 1423, Sunday (14th August, 2016) and go on till 31st Bhadra 1423, Friday (16th September, 2016). Oration and discussion of SriChaitanya Charitamita and Srimad Bhagbat, discussions on Bhagbat Religion, Sri Hari Sankirtan will be held in the august gathering.

Gentleman, your august presence along with other well-wishers will be of great pleasure to us. If due to certain reasons you cannot be present personally you could offer seva in cash or kinds and get the blessings of The Lord.


Schedule of the Maha Utsab

Sl. No.




14th August, Sunday

Fasting on the occasion of Putrada Ekadashi. The starting of Jhulan Jatra of Sri Sri Krishna.


15th August, Monday

Death Anniversary of Srila Rup Goswami.    


18th August, Thursday

Fasting on the occasion on the birth   anniversaryof Sri  Baladev Prabhu.Completion of Jhulan Jatra   of Sri Sri Krishna. Rakhi Purnima.


24th August, Wednesday

Sangkrtan on the occasion of SriSri Krishna Jayanti.


25th August, Thursday

Fasting on the occasion of SriSri Krishna

Janmasthami Procession on the occasion of Nagar Sangkirtan at 6.00 AM.


26th August, Friday

SriSri Nanda Utsab. Completion of SriSri Krishna Janmasthami past 10.52 AM


28th August, Sunday

Fasting on the occasion of Aja Akadashi. Completion of the fast on 9.32 AM next day.


7thSeptember, Wednesday

121 Birth Anniversary Puja of Om Bishnupad Paramhansha 108 Sree Sreemad Bhaktiprasad Puri Goswami Thakur.


9th September, Friday

Fasting on the occasion of SriSri Radha Astami.


10th September, Saturday

SriSri Bhagbat Jayanti. Completion of Sri Radhaastami past 6.11 AM and within 9.31 AM. Starting of the week long discourse on Sri Bhagbat.


13th September, Tuesday

Fasting of Parsaparibartini Akadashi.


14th September, Wednesday

Puja of Sri Baman Dadashi. The birth anniversary of Sril Jib Goswami.


15th September, Thursday

The 178 birth anniversary of the founder of Goudiya Mission Om Bishnupad Paramhansha 108 Sree Sril Sachidananda Bhaktibinood  Thakur. Sri Ananta Chaturdasi past 5.27 AM. Death anniversary of Sril Haridas Thakur.


16th September, Friday

Completion of the occasion.


The Nagar Sanghkirtan on the day of Janmastami will go through Baghbazar Street, Bidhan Sarani, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kalakar Street, Rabindra Sarani and reach Math by the side of Ganges.

Special Note: You can send your donation for the occasion to Secretary, Goudiya Mission, Baghbazar, Kolkata-700 003. The donation amount is exempted from tax under section 80G.


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Parking Of Vehicles: Due To Narrow Lane Do Not Park Vehicles Infront Road Of Gaudiya Mission, Please Park Vehicles Infront Of Girish Mancha.


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