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Commemoration of the Entrance Ceremony of Sribigrohogon at newly made Srimandir of Remuna

Posted on: April 28, 2016 Posted By: Gaudiya Mission

Commemoration of the Entrance Ceremony of Sribigrohogon at newly made Srimandir of Remuna, Visits of Religious Places and Rathayatra Festival with the Sadhus nearly for the Eight Consecutive Days (with accommodation) due to the Celebration for the Following Three Years on the Centennial Anniversary of Gaudiya Math and Mission.

We are glad to inform you that the present chancellor and president Om Bishnupada Paramhansho 108 Sri Srimadbhaktisuhrid Poribrajok Goswami Maharaja and the Paricharja members of Gaudiya Mission are offering a golden opportunity to visit the major religious places of Utkal with accommodation facilities for 8days and to participate the Gundicha Marjon, Rathayatra Celebration and the Entrance Glorification of "Sribigrohogon" at lately made Srimandir,Remuna. The tour will be commenced from 17th Ashaar, saturday,1423 (2nd July,2016) to 26th Ashaar,Monday,1423 (11th July,2016).

Due to the current price hike, it is been decided that the cost of the tour would be total 5,100/- (five thousands one hundred only) per pax, including accommodation and prasad. The priority would be given to the visitors who among all would enlist their name initially by depositing at least the half of the total amount. For further information please contact the above mentioned address.

Hence, take the honour of this wonderful opportunity of visiting the Sribaraha Mandir of Jajpur, Srichaitanya Padapith, Cuttack Sri Sachchidananda Math, Lingaraj Shiva of Bhubaneswar, Bindusarovar, Anantabasudeb, Nilmadhab, Konarak, Sakhigopal, Albornath, Khirchora Gopinath of Remuna etc. with the spiritual namsankirtan and listen to the greatness of thesr great places throughout the journey.

Parikrama Itinerary

3rd July, Sunday:
Tour starts at 5a.m from kolkata by bus and enroute visit Sri Baraha Mandir of Jajpur, Sri Chaitanya Padapitha, Srimonmohaprabhu's Padapitha Darshan and night stay at Sri Sachchidananda's  Math.

4th July, Monday: At Bhubaneswar visit Lingaraj Shiva, Bindusarovar, Anantabasudeb, Nilmadhab, Sakshigopal. Night stay at Puri Math.

5th July,Tuesday: On the morning visit Srila Gurupuja celebration at Puri Purushottam Math and on the afternoon participate the occasion of Gundicha Marjon.

6th July, Wednesday: Enjoy the Rathayatra utsab of Sri Sri Jagannath deb.
7th July, Thursday : Visit the birthplace of Srila Roy Ramananda, Adi darshan of Albornath and overnight stay at Sri Bhrahma Gaudiya Math.

8th July,Friday: Visit Konarok Suryamandir, Khirchora Gopinath Darshan at Remuna and overnight stay.

9th July, Saturday: Attain the entrance festival of Sribigroho at the newly made Srimandir at Remuna and enjoy the nagarsankirtan, Mangaladhibas Tithi celebration and Sribhagabat dharma shaba.

10th July, Sunday: celebrate the festival of nagarsankirtana and again be a part of the occasion of entrance celebration of Sribigroho. Then back to Kolkata by bus at night.

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Sripada Madusudanmaharaj- 9051781493



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