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69th birth Anniversary of Gaudiya Mission’s present Acharya om Vishnupada 108 Sri Simad Bhakti Suhrid Paribrajaka Goswami Maharaj

Posted on: March 2, 2016 Posted By: Gaudiya Mission

Sri Shrila Bhakti Suhrid Paribrajak Maharaj

The present Acharya and President of Gaudiya Mission, Om Vishnupad Paramhans 108 Sri Srimad Bhakti Suhrid Paribrajak Goswami Maharaj made His advent at Khagda, in the district of Midnapore on 18th February,1947, as the eldest son of a great Vaisnava family Sri Ashutosh Bera alias Sri Ashray Vigraha Dasadhikari as Smt. Haimavati Devi. He was named as “Krishnapada” and given Krishna prasad in the first rice giving ceremony
(annaprasan) in the nearby Chirulia Math. Right from the childhood, Shrila Goswamipad exhibited various vaisnava qualities and exceptional talents.

Later he graduated from City College, Calcutta. After performing various social activities for some period, on his first visit to Mayapur Dham, he got an opportunity to meet the then Acharya of Gaudiya Mission, Nityalila Pravishtha Om Vishnupad Paramhans 108 Sri Srimad Bhakti Keval Audulomi
Goswami Maharaj and was captivaed by His Hari-katha. In 1969 he received Sri Harinaam from Shrila Audulomi Maharaj and soon received Diksha and became a resident of the Math. He was conferred the name Sri Kamalaksha Das Brahmachari, Sri Goswamipad devoted himself to all kinds of service in the temple and in preaching activities. In 1983, he accepted Sannyas order from Nityalila Pravistha Om Vishnapad Paramhans 108 Sri Srimad Bhakti Srirup Bhagwat Goswami Maharaj, one of the immediate disciples of Om Vishnupad Paramhans 108 Sri Srimad Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupad and surviving Acharya, propagating the gospels of the Supreme Lord for some period of time. He went to London in the year 1982 as in-charge od Vasudev Gaudiya Math London, and stayed there for about 10 years showering ‘Harikatha’ on the fortunate souls on the banks of river Thames. After the disappearance of Shrila Bhagavat Maharaj in 1993 and on his nomination, He took up the post of the president and Acharya of Gaudiya Mission. For the last 13 years, His Divine Grace continues to disseminate the message of unalloyed devotion, traveling all over India and abroad.

Contribution :–

1. After the disappearance of Shrila Acharyapad, he saved the Mission from extremely difficult condition by his pureverance, tolerance and devotedness to the service of the Spiritual Master.
2. He took a special role in rescuing the London branch of Gaudiya Mission after the demise of Vinodevani Dasi.
3. He has shown special magnanimity in giving the philosophy, association and service to all the disciples irrespective of their qualifications.
4. He is the first acharya to go to independent Bangladesh for preaching after the partition of India & East Bengal.
5. After Jagat Guru Shrila Prabhupada, he went for 84 krosh Vraja mandal parikrama with the devotees for the 2nd time and thus delighted the devotees very much.

Important Events :–

1969 –– In February, He met Shrila Bhakti Keval Audulomi Maharaj first time in Godrum Dham.
1981 –– With the instruction from Shrila Guru Maharaj, to preach in the western Countries he went to Vasudev Gaudiya Math of London.
1983 –– He took Tridandi sannyasa from Shrila Bhagavat Maharaj.
1993 –– He was appointed as the Acharya of Sri Gaudiya Mission on 26the February.
2001 –– 84 krish Vraja mondal parikrama on foot for the 2nd time in the history of Gaudiya Mission under his divine guidance (31st October). Went to bangladesh for preaching in 2001. (31st December). 

Gospels of Shrila Goswamipad :–

1. Pleasing the Lord Hari is cannot be done by bodily strength, but by sincere following. By teaching the followers about pure devotion and making them qualified, one who gives enjoyment to the Lord is actually Guru tattva.
2. The creeper of devotion definetely grows with hearing and chanting, but the weed may also grow. Therefore, the practicing devotee must be careful. The gardener must put a fence.
3. Bhakti is like a Royal road. Here no obstacles and inconveniences can do anything.
4. Attachement for Godly things brings detachment for the illusive objects.
5. Just like the motherly feelings of a mother is not expressed in absence of the child, similarly without devotion or devotee the affection of God is not expressed.
6. Everything related to God is situated at the highest level. Because we are not in the same plane, we do not see it.
7. Like Sri Krishna is the highest truth of ‘Sambhog rasa’ (mellow of enjoyment), Srima Mahaprabhu is the ultimatum of ‘Vipralamba rasa’ (melow of separation).
8. Those who are worshiping Krishna is intelligent. But those who are worshipping Krishna as a follower of Mahaprabhu is the most intelligent.
9. In the realm of ‘seva’ (service), one cane secure more the more he cecome humble.
10. ‘Sankirta’ is a great thing. All the rasas (mellows) are linked in it. The devotees of all rasas unite in samkirtan. Bobody knew its taste. Sriman Mahaprabhu is the inverntor of Samkirtan.



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