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Posted on: October 26, 2015 Posted By: Subroto Biswas

The all  glorious Chaitanya MahaPrabhu has bestowed His mercy upon us by narrating eight verses which are known as “ Siksastaka”.  These eight verses reveal the entire crux of  Bhagvat Dharma. These verses are like the rays of sun which can eradicate all miseries that the humankind has to undergo during his lifetime.  They provide a candid insight into the teachings of Lord Krishna, as mentioned in Bhagvat Gita.

In Bhagvat Gita, Krishna has extolled the practice of  Bhakti Yoga or devotional service and laid major impetus on surrendering unto His lotus Feet,  however it is due to  MahaPrabhu’s  “Siksastaka” ,  we are able to understand the actual methods and process of practising Bhakti-Yoga in our day to day life.  MahaPrabhu was so  benevolent that He gave His entire life to teach us the means so that we can cut off all material bondage and go back to our original home ie the spiritual world- “Vaikuntha”.

The Siksastaka

1. Sankirtana : The first verse lays importance on the practice of performing Sankirtana  ie congregational chanting of Harianama.  MahaPrabhu says that by merely discussing & singing the glories, pastimes of Krishna in the association of devotees one can clean all the dust that has accumulated in the hearts of mankind due to transmigration. It also helps the people to remain eternally happy without fear.

2. Chanting: MahaPrabhu stated that the sound vibration of Krishna or Govinda is as powerful as the Lord Himself so one should invest maximum amount of time in chanting – “HARE KRISHNA HARE KRIHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE, HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE” . This Mahamantra is so powerful that it can wash away all the sins which one has committed from time immemorial and help the individual to conquer the 3 miseries – Adhyatmika , Adibautika and Adidaivika.  Infact, He emphasized that in the age of Kaliyuga (modern times) other than chanting the Mahamantra there is no other way that human beings can get relief from the cycle of repeated births and deaths.

3. Mental state of devotee: In the third verse He describes that whoever is more tolerant than the straw of grass, more patient than the tree and ready to offer respect to the lowest person is most eligible to chant the Mahamantra. MahaPrabhu said that in the advancement  on the path of spiritual development, false ego, anger, lust are the biggest impediments and one has to sacrifice them and become most humble and meek.

4. No material hankering: In order to become a true devotee the material desires have to be curbed- lust for women, wealth and false prestige. These three things are the most dangerous weapons of “maya” by which a person is enticed. He falsely thinks that he is enjoying over the three things, however in reality this hankering to enjoy is further entrapping him  into  the web of  the material nature, so MahaPrabhu guides us to keep ourselves away from these three allurements.

5. Who is an individual soul & his duty:  MahaPrabhu said  all humans share a relationship of servitor-ship with  the Lord. Hence it is the duty of each individual to direct all his actions only for the pleasure of Lord. It is to be understood here, that all creations of nature are best utilised when it is used for the service of Lord and not for personal sense gratification. MahaPrabhu says that  souls who do not realise this relationship with Krishna have to transmigrate in this material world in different bodies.

6. Relationship with Krishna is personal : Opposed to the Mayavadi doctrines of approaching God, MahaPrabhu always said that a soul has a distinct identity  of his own and he shares a very personal relationship with the Lord. As expressed in the 5th verse, the soul who is an eternal servitor shares all his personal feelings with the Lord.The various degree of relationships are  – Santa, Dasya, Sakhya,Vatsalya, Madhurya.

7. Pure Love :  MahaPrabhu says that the unalloyed love that the gopis of Vrindavan carried in their hearts for Krishna is the purest of all. In that state one cannot live for a moment without the thought of Krishna and this relation is regarded as the topmost of all. In this state the soul remains submerged in the ocean of ecstasy of pure love- “Krihsna Prem
8. Complete Surrender : As a person gradually passes through various degrees of relation as mentioned in the  6th verse and reaches the Madhurya stage, he is set free of dualities like pain & pleasure, winter & summer and  hence he is not aggrieved by  fluctuations of nature and realises it as a reaction to his own actions. In this state of unconditional love for Krishna he is never deviated and dedicates his entire life in the service of the Lord.

The whole of Sanatana- Dharma is summarized in  the above eight verses of Chaitanya MahaPrabhu The above teachings of MahaPrabhu if read on a regular basis and gradually practiced in our day to day life can set off all fears and  help us to lead a happy life..


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